Jewelry made one by one, by hand, with noble materials and with the greatest respect for the rules of the art of jewelry. JulieMineaujewelry offers minimalist or classic jewelry, never banal.

Small series produced in my workshop in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Everything that goes into the making of my jewels, metals, findings, stones, chains and even my tools, come from Canada. The same goes for boxes, cards and envelopes for delivery.

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Come discover my exclusive and delicate designs crafted from sterling silver and embellished with brass, copper, natural pearls and gemstones.

These unique pieces or small series are made, one by one, slowly and meticulously in my workshop in Sherbrooke, Quebec. They were created for exhibitions, special projects and special commissions. They are often daring, but always carried out with great technical mastery. They are pieces of research or simply magnificent jewels of art.

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The Habitat collection is a series of paintings made up of small pewter houses. The houses are sometimes adorned with brass or copper, natural pearls or watch mechanisms. Everything is professionally framed with high-quality glass.

All these paintings are handcrafted, in small series, but all different. Ideal gifts, these framed works are offered on the occasion of retirement, the purchase of a new home or for any special occasion that deserves to be commemorated with dignity.

The Habitat collection also includes a collection of sculptural works made primarily from sterling silver. Some of these works are embellished with brass, others with fine stones, natural pearls, pebbles, resin, felt, polymer clay or spray paint.

These unique works are the fruit of many years of work, failures and successes, but the source of immense happiness in creation.